Cremation Services

For over 12 years, Roland Vaults & Cremation has provided cremation services that are respectful and dignified.  Our exceptional staff takes pride in the services they extend.  Roland Vaults & Cremation is licensed and regularly inspected to ensure compliance with required industry standards, policies and procedures.

We offer direct cremation or cremation that occurs after a viewing or funeral service.  We also provide a private viewing and sitting area for families that wish to view the cremation or wait while the cremation is performed.

  • As a member of the Cremation Association of North American (CANA), our cremations are performed under CANA's ethical Code of Cremation Practice
  • Crematorium can serve larger individual up to 500 lbs

Urn & Urn Vault Personalization

For every life, there is meaning and purpose.  Be it the joy we give or get from others, precious moments or memories, our dedication to particular careers or causes, or our passion for special hobbies or adventures.  Roland Vaults & Cremation offers families have a variety of memorial options for presenting a reflection of their loved one's life.

Urn vault personalization includes an assortment of color choices and various memorials to adorn the vault cover.  Personalized memorials include engraved and raised emblems, beautiful scenery, or a canvas top so that friends and family can include heartfelt messages.  With engraved emblems, there are hundreds of choices available, including borders, flowers, hobbies, sports, pets and clubs, just to name a few.  Personalized engravings are a reflection of special events or moments that brought enjoyment to the loved one's life.

Memorial Jewelry & Keepsakes

Roland Vaults & Cremation offers a vast collection of Wilbert memorial jewelry and keepsakes that are designed to hold a small portion of a loved one's cremated remains or lock of hair.

Lasting treasures allow each family member to choose their own special way of memorializing a loved one. Visit the Wilbert website to view each of the entire collections.

Urn Vault Protection