Wilbert Funeral Services

As a Wilbert Funeral Services licensee, Roland Vaults & Cremation is regularly inspected by Wilbert field service engineers using the most stringent inspection procedures in the industry.

Wilbert inspections validate compliance with vault manufacturing specifications, use of well-maintained equipment for graveside services, clean service vehicles, and equally important, that staff provides knowledgeable, dedicated and professional service.

Roland Vaults & Cremation is proud to have been a recipient of Wilbert's Ultimate Service Provider award nine out of the past ten years.

Burial Vault Protection

Burial Vault Personalization

For every life, there is meaning and purpose.  Be it the joy we give or get from others, precious moments or memories, our dedication to particular careers or causes, or our passion for special hobbies or adventures.  Roland Vaults & Cremation offers families a variety of memorial options for presenting a reflection of their loved one's life.

Vault personalization includes an assortment of color choices and various memorials to adorn the vault cover.  Personalized memorials include engraved and raised emblems, beautiful scenery, or a canvas top so that friends and family can include heartfelt messages.  With engraved emblems, there are hundreds of choices available, including borders, flowers, hobbies, sports, pets and clubs, just to name a few.  Personalized engravings are a reflection of special events or moments that brought enjoyment to the loved one's life.